Facial Treatment

Deep Cleansing Purifying Facial

This facial is geared toward stressed or acneic skin. Double cleansing with added exfoliant to ‘de-clog’ those pores. Steaming with extractions and a balancing moisturizer $75

Youthful Celebration | The Renewal Facial for Anti-Aging

Anti aging facial   for smoother more luminous skin. This facial will rehydrate your skin and  help to improve fine lines and even out skin tone. Additional  supplements and/or serums are applied to targeted areas to provide increased results $85

Timeless Radiance Royal Facial (Chemical Peel)

To beautifully   regenerate your skins appearance, a peel treatment to re-texturize and soften   fine lines – a new found radiance. Ultimate Facial plus peel. Also successful to brighten and lighten dark spots and age spots. For best results a series is recommended $85 (series is recommended for best results)


  Bear Scrub

This is a more aggressive scrub for the Man who knows that his skin has special needs. Deep steam and exfoliation to power up the skin. Complimented with Hot towels for a relaxing treat $65

  The Ultimate Facial

The skin is analyzed for proper product selection specific to the need of the client. The rejuvenating facial begins with a through but gentle cleansing, exfoliation for removal of impurities. A personalized mask selected to help detoxify and balance your skin, complemented with a relaxing massage and moisturizer $65 

Body Treatment

Hot Stone Body Care

Relax and unwind with hot stones to soothe your soul and allow yourself to release tightness and improve your energy flow. $85

Dare to be Bare | Back Purification

A blissful treatment to thoroughly cleanse and target impurities in those hard to reach places. Refines and retextures the back by sweeping away dull flaky skin. Great for back-bearing evenings. $55 

Body Glow

a scrub to gently remove the dead skin cells and exude healthly skin with a thoroughly polished body. From the base of your aching neck to the tip of your toes, you will feel the old skin release to reveal beautifully bare skin which now has a beautiful glow and is richly moisturized. $75

 DeStress Aroma  Wrap

A herbal infusion on warm soaked linens, where the body is cocooned on a warm bed for the  ultimate destress. The aroma of herbs relax you senses and your body will   unwind and hydrate. $75

Add Ons


a light emitting diode to help reduce uneven skin tone, helps with the reduction in redness and soothes the skin surface $25

Soothing Jade Roller

a cooling roller   made of jade to soothe and relax the delicate eye area. Helps to calm the underlying puffiness and reduce discoloration of dark circle. Eye   treatment gels are used to improve eye area $15

Paraffin Facial

the perfect 'lift' for a special occasion. You receive a personal facial with a paraffin mask, heated to the perfect temperature to relax, soothe and hydrate your skin.  You will have a radiant glow. $75


a warm wax technique to remove unwanted hair from the body.  

  • Brow design (waxing and shaping of the brow) $12
  • Lip $8
  • Chin $8
  • Bikini $35 and up
  • Leg $40 half and $75 whole leg


Additional Services Available 

Honey Facial

Parrafin Facial

Scalp and Neck Treatment

Hand and Foot Treatment

Aroma  additions